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JULY 2014

  • Legal Updates

    Now that the structural reforms have been adopted, the Pact for Mexico has been concluded and President Peña Nieto has given his second annual presidential address, the stage has been set for the Mexican mid-term elections to be held in July 2015.  These elections will be conducted under the supervision of a new governing body, the National Electoral Institute (Instituto Nacional Electoral, INE), which replaced the Federal Electoral Institute (Instituto Federal Electoral... [Read More]
  •   Energy Regulatory Agencies in Mexico, by José María Lujambio I.   One of the new statutes that constitutes the Mexican energy reform is the Energy Coordinated Regulatory Agencies Law (Ley de los Órganos Reguladores Coordinados en Materia Energética, LORCME) that came into effect on August 12, 2014.  This law sets forth the legal provisions of the eighth paragraph of article 28 of the Constitution, which was amended in December... [Read More]
  • Seniority Bonus. Payable Even if Unclaimed, by Adrián Salgado   Recently, the Collegiate Court of Employment and Administrative Matters of the Fourteenth Circuit approved legal opinion number XIV.T.A.7 L (10a.), titled: “Seniority bonus. Such is payable even when it is not claimed in a lawsuit or in an amended petition, even if the nullification action to rescind the labor relationship does not prevail.” In said opinion, the Collegiate Court held that... [Read More]
  • Discrimination in Labor Matters, by Jorge Ojeda and Mayra de Luna   The Federal Law to Prevent and Eliminate Discrimination substantially establishes the existence of discrimination when there is conduct that demonstrates differentiation, exclusion or restriction, because of a personal characteristic of an individual, that as a consequence annuls or impedes the exercise of his/her human rights and liberties. The Federal Labor Law (FLL) itself does not have a definition... [Read More]
  • Special Work Shifts, by Pablo Sáenz   As a continuation to our recent article relating to work shifts and overtime, on this occasion we will speak to the criteria issued by the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) and by the Circuit Collegiate Courts, which give companies the opportunity to manage alternatives in work shifts, and criteria that covers a gap that is not contemplated in the Federal Labor Law (FLL). In Mexico, it is not common for companies... [Read More]
  •   National Treatment Extended for Foreign Investors under Article 17 of Mexico’s Foreign Investment Law, by Marimar Pérez-Cacheaux   In accordance with article 17 of Mexico’s Foreign Investment Law, foreign business entities that plan to conduct business in an ongoing manner, or that plan to establish themselves in Mexico, are required to request authorization from the Mexican Department of Economy.   Notwithstanding this fact, as... [Read More]
  • Business & Politics Outlook

    President Enrique Peña Nieto used his second annual presidential address to announce the construction of a new airport in Mexico City.  Ten years ago, plans for this project in Mexico State town of Atenco came to a halt after violent opposition arose among residents of the area where the airport was to be constructed.  Since then, Mexico City residents have resigned themselves to not having a new airport and to enduring ongoing remodeling work.  The news... [Read More]
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