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The CCN Mexico Report™ is a monthly newsletter with coverage of Mexican political, business and legal topics from Cacheaux, Cavazos & Newton (CCN). Subscriptions to the CCN Mexico Report™ are free. The CCN Mexico Report™ features exclusive commentaries and views from CCN’s attorneys and professionals in both English and Spanish. CCN is an international law firm with offices in Texas and Mexico dedicated to serving clients doing business in the NAFTA region.

APRIL 2015

  • Legal Updates

    On January 9, 2015, the U. S. Department of Transportation (U.S. DOT) announced the results of the three year Pilot Program under which authorizations were granted to Mexican carriers to provide international cargo transportation services between points in Mexico and the United States. As part of the Pilot Program, the Mexican carriers conducted more than 28,000 border crossings, traveled 1.5 million miles on U.S. roads and highways, and were subjected to more than 5,500 safety... [Read More]

    Economic Indicators


    The following are economic indicators as of April 1st, 2015:


    Peso/Dollar Exchange Rate: $15.1206 pesos per dollar.


    Mexican Stock Exchange: The Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV) closed at 44,202.94 points.


    Interest Rates: The Average Interbank Interest Rate (TIIE) for a 28-day period was at 3.2950 %.


  • Business & Politics Outlook

      Political Thermometer   Three years ago, when 500 representatives of Mexico’s Federal Congress took office, no one could have imagined that the Country’s political temperature would rise as much as it has three months prior to the election of the new House of Representatives. Not only will federal elections occur, but 2,159 positions will be at stake, the most notable being nine governors and 16 borough chiefs in the Federal District... [Read More]
  •    300 PALABRAS, by Mario Melgar-Adalid   Mexico 2015: Economic Opportunities   Despite the strange political climate of the last few months, Mexico’s economic outlook points toward a considerably more optimistic view than what social indicators would have predicted. Usually, bad news on social and political behavior negatively impacts the economy; however, the outlook for the Mexican economy points to opportunities... [Read More]
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