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MARCH 2014

  • Legal Updates

    The Federal Labor Law (“FLL”) establishes that the work shift may be freely agreed upon by and between the employer and its employees, so long as the employer does not exceed the maximum work shifts established by the FLL. The FLL provides that employers may utilize the following types of work schedules with its personnel, in order not to violate the FLL: a).- The day shift, which begins at 06:00 hours and ends at 20:00 hours, with a maximum duration of 8 hours per day or 48 hours... [Read More]
  • Multiple hotel developments, golf clubs, industrial plants and a whole range of investments in Mexico have been and continue to be developed on tracts of real property which, at one time or another, were communal properties (“ejidos”). One often hears stories of investors who were fooled into believing that they were purchasing private property, when in fact they were being offered to purchase ejido land, which caused many “headaches” for such investors... [Read More]
  • Recently, the First Collegiate Circuit Court on Criminal and Administrative Matters of the Twenty-First Circuit published, in the Judicial Weekly of the Federation, case decision number XXI.1o. PA.18 A (10a.), the title of which reads: “Indemnity for damages caused to parcels of land due to the establishment of legal easements from electrical energy transmission lines. The case holds that decisions on quantification reached by the agrarian courts should be conducted in... [Read More]
  • On April 30, 2014, the President presented the specific federal statutes that will govern the implementation of recent constitutional and legal reforms to Mexico’s energy sector. Such statutes are pending enactment in Mexico’s Congress and are required to complete the implementation of the historic constitutional energy reforms adopted in December 2013. The proposed secondary legislation includes nine initiatives that would either create or substantially reform 21 different... [Read More]

    The following are economic indicators as of May 27, 2014:


    Peso/Dollar Exchange Rate: $12.8772 pesos per dollar.


    Mexican Stock Exchange: The Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV) closed at 41,958.97 points.


    Interest Rates: The Average Interbank Interest Rate (TIIE) for a 28-day period was at 3.8085 %.

  • The National Action Party (PAN) increased the political climate with the election of the President of its National Executive Committee. After its loss in the 2012 presidential election, the PAN has continued to experience a series of problems, infighting, corruption accusations and confrontations between various groups, which has led the PAN to consider reformulating its strategy. In addition, the PAN is a deciding factor in allowing the administration of President Enrique Peña Nieto... [Read More]
  • Business & Politics Outlook

    Following Mexico’s 2013 constitutional and structural reforms on politics, telecommunications, tax and energy, the next step is to enact detailed regulations governing the respective structural changes brought about by such reforms. In accordance with the principal that if one can achieve a greater thing (reforming the Constitution), then lesser things can certainly be accomplished (enacting the regulations), it was believed that the regulations would move forward without... [Read More]
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